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Oct 30, 2007


Anthony C

Site didn't exist yesterday, I know 'cause I tried to find it!


It seems you are really an uber geek lol...

Welcome to Milano, btw.

Anthony C

Some great posts on that blog Alessandro. Especially the one about current phones not being able to handle a few apps at the same time without starting to close some down. The reason I rarely bother with Skype on my current phone (N73) is precisely because of this. My phone today wouldn't even let me run Mobile Mail, the music player and the services browser at the same time. Useless!


So typical of 3 to launch new products and services when their existing service quality is so poor.

RTSP streams on X-Series in Ireland only last just under 2 minutes before dropping. Brought this to the attention of 3 Ireland back in August and still this issue persists.

Customer service in India is basically unusable.

Negative feedback on this blog is censored.

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