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Oct 29, 2007



I got no invite to the launch bash. :(

And after I did such a good job of keeping my mouth zipped when various bloggers and news sites were posting nonsense and ill-informed opinion about the phone! :o)

If you want an in-depth review/user study of a young family using these to keep in touch (kids aged between 8-11, their parents, auntie and uncle) I'd happily accept a couple of handsets. ;o)


But no Skype-out...?

I'll be honest, I'm disappointed. I understand why, but I still think it's a shame. Cheap international calls would have been a massive draw.

Surely Three could have worked out a revenue sharing arrangement when I spent Skype minutes instead?


Hi Ant ... sorry we couldn't get you an invite -- if it helps, I didn't go either! Anyway, from what I'm hearing the launch has been a big success and we're getting some great press.

I would love to hear about your multi-3 Skypephone experience once you buy a few ;-)

And Chris, sorry about the Skype Out thing ... but I think you'll find the cost of "normal" calls are very competitive on it too.

By the way everyone, there's a new forum you can go to discuss the'll find it at:

Saul Posel

will the be an update so that skype instant messages can be sent from xseries handsets or is this skypephone only?

Eric Korhonen

echoing the question on when will xseries handsets be able to do skype instant messages??

Anthony C


No worries, I cheered up later in the day when I was asked to try a pair of handsets for three months. My sister's kids are excited at the prospect even though the youngest ones didn't quite get it. I think all will become clear once they see them.

I hope *some* people went to the launch and posted on Flickr (preferably on their X-Series mobiles)!

Eric, it would appear so. On the product website there's a quick start guide.


me too ... My lips are sealed for months :) ...anyway Ant once your handset will arrive ,lets test it . Pls try to call my Skype . Cheers .
Hope the 3 marketing will read this and send me one .
wink wink :)

Anthony C

Earl, check out the left hand side/column of

It looks like the guys have a few more to send out for those that blog!


The handset looks nice and the price is good but really I have never used skype so no need for it but for people that use skype Regularly then from what I have been reading about it is probley a must.


Thanks Ant . Hi Steve , why dont you try it ? There's no harm in trying :) At first , I was just curious about it and now I have been using it as a business tool and reaped the reward of my curiousity . I saved a lot of money for long distance calls .. saved my client's pockets too .


Hi Earl thanks for the info sounds like a good way to make calls and save money at the same time will give it ago everything that I seem to be reading seems to be positive so lets see where curisoity takes me eh!


Another vote for permitting Skype Chat messages on the existing X-Series Skype client.

Anybody in Three listening?


I believe this is coming soon (sorry, no date) but I will triple check with my 3 colleagues to make sure on Monday.



Much appreciated, de.

I'm guessing 3 are still testing the new client on X-Series phones?


Skypephone looks very nice but I wonder if Windows Mobile X-series customers such as Dopod 838Pro will ever be able to use their X-series Skype minutes. Now iskoot have released a WM version I am hoping this might be a reality, relatively soon. Sure we can use the skype client and use our data, but having all the features of X-series would be even nicer.


I hope it will come in more colors.

Kunal Mittal


Been using Skype on X-series for almost a year, would love to see instant messaging activated. Any update on that?

I also have one more glitch, I have to manually refresh the list every few hours, otherwise my contacts cant see me online. Isnt the client supposed to refresh automatically periodically?


So typical of 3 to launch new products and services when their existing service quality is so poor.

RTSP streams on X-Series in Ireland only last just under 2 minutes before dropping. Brought this to the attention of 3 Ireland back in August and still this issue persists.

Customer service in India is basically unusable.

Negative feedback on this blog is censored.

ex three customer

I have just purchased 4 THREE SKYPEPHONES. I spent a total of $598.00 AUD. I am very disappointed. I have activated one handset and continued to create a skype account. When i completed it said i needed to have a X Series account. I checked the pricing that the so called 4000 free minutes actually cost $40 per month to have. You are a bunch of scammers for not advertising it costs monthly to operate. I want my money back for all of the handsets including the one that i have already activated. I want three to cancel my service since i am very disappointed about the system. If you tell me i can’t be refunded for the handset that has being activated because you will have to throw it away. Give me my money back and throw the handset away.

Thanks for the disappointment.
Unsatisfied Ex-Three customer


Hi - have you contacted 3 Customer Service to discuss this? I don't believe you need an X-Series account to use the 4000 minutes.

If you can send me an email via with your personal email account I will follow this up for you over the next few days.



Please add Skype Chat to the existing X-Series Skype client!

It's what is holding me off from signing up for an N95...

unhappy with three

well i have a crappy data modem and three good three phones although the software is old but i was happy with most untill today i cant send or recieve anything on phones and NO mobile broadband of any kind! the network just collapsed this morning and three couldnt give a fcuk! customer care is a deterrant to anyone signiing up to x-series skype-phones or any other three service they are not only incompetant but they are not aware of all three services and their eeenglish is atrocious. i wish three all the best in 2008 as ye will need it in ireland!

unhappy with three

also three appear to be blocking many sites again including ""

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