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Sep 28, 2007


Dan Lane

Regarding "Third-party applications that use port 80"... they'll be using port 80 but won't be talking HTTP so they'll get stuck at Three's transparent web proxy.

Not blocked per-se but transparent proxies are common enough that application developers should take them into account when using port 80.


wonders when three will allow the latest updates from nokia for the buggy slow glitchy n73


Re: X-Series Orb registration process and UK phone number - this is because the /orb site has a download link to the uk version of Orb which looks for the phone number (uk only). Changing the download link from GB to IE (country code in the middle) gives the correct version.

The big problem now with ORB is that streaming has a buffering problem after 2 - 15 minutes which means you can't watch a whole program and it is impossible on an N73 fior example to fast forward to where you last watched.


Hi - I'll get that link fixed, and ask 3 Ireland about that buffering issue. de


Looks like the link is fixed. I just got a call from 3 support and am running orb as a test for the buffering. 17 minutes so far do msybe it has been fixed since. The real test will be going home on the bus as I wonder if it might be affected by moving instead of being in a single location.


Nope lasted 20 minutes - it's a new record but the same problem.


Nokia Podcasting software no longer works on my phone, this is due to the Splash Screen that appears for all port 80 traffic. The Nokia Podcasting software doesn't understand this page (cookies requred).

Also the Splash screen appears numerous times a day, Tech Support told me to get a new SIM and 'try' that, then in the Shop they said it would take two days to swap the SIM to my new number, the people in the shop said to just wait and see, not what I wanted to hear.

This is further crippling the service that I expect from Three, when I signed up I was able to run whatever app I wanted E-mail, Fring, MSN, Podcasting and now the only thing that works in the web and everytime I use that I have to go through the splash screen (i.e extra 10-20 seconds a session).

Why have a splash screen anyhow, surely 3 know I'm no an unlimited package and thus do not need to see this screen everytime......

Matt Boyd

I'm having very poor speeds with the mobile broadband service in Ireland, if it works at all. Yesterday I couldn't even get online at all, right in the middle of full coverage.

What is wrong with 3 Ireland's network?

Simon mcgarr

I've had problems now as well- freerange, my mobile rss reader, stopped working. When i tried to download a new version it was prevented. An error message came up telling of it was 'invalid application'. This now appears for any application i try to download.


Any idea when Nokia N95 will be offered with Xseries?


Lots of websites are blocked by Three, when you ask them about this they (CS) say that nothing is blocked (they don't know their arse from their elbow).
An example of such a site that is blocked is: (a social bookmarking website, why?)


finally got to return my 3rd n73 to three! got sony k800i and €100 in exchange but there was/is definately NO GOODWILL from three after a whole month of calls every day and rubbish from foreign customer care! get your act together three!


and whats the idea with deleting posts from here? ye afraid of some home truths??



What posts have been deleted? since we launched in nov last year i've deleted probably 4-5 comments which promoted either porn sites(!), over advertising and one really strange one written in chinese.

I did delete an email address from a comment recently from this thread...but thought i left the rest of the post. will double check.


Matthew Boyd

Also having extremely poor performance on 3 mobile broadband. Not just slow, but often services don't work at all. For example, AIM and Skype (just chatting, not doing voice) time out, get disconnected, etc.. While web browsing works but is slow.

3 customer service claim to not know anything about it, claim it's my equipment, yet the moment I plug in a mobile broadband modem from O2, everything starts working perfectly right away!

Matthew Boyd

I've saved 3 from sending me out a new broadband modem by reproducing the problem on my own 3G data card that I bought SIM free.

It's the network, not my USB modem.

John Dooley

I want to use Orb for viewing live TV, but the TV channel scan does not work in the version of Orb downloaded from
See my post at:

The TV channel scan works in other versions of Orb Eg. the latest version on Orbs site and the version
However I cant stream video / TV to my mobile with those other versions (it seems I have to use the version when streaming to my mobile).

Can we get this fixed in the version?

My x-series gold package is a waste of time/money if I cant get this to work.


Hi, can we USE 3 Skype application + 3 posts pay connection/SIM On a N-73 Sim free? Has anyone tried that? people standing in 3 store in Dublin have no idea about it.


The RTSP streaming issue still persists. Incredible.


Regarding deleted posts - some posts I made after the initial launch of X-Series in Ireland were deleted as they were not very flattering.

I actually repeated the posts and these too were deleted - despicable behaviour!



Hi Bullfrog. We have never deleted any messages as far as I'm aware (as I've stated previously). The only thing I deleted was a private email of someone from 3 which you put in your post. While we are not current updating this blog we are still monitoring it. I will email you sep to get your mobile number and see if I can't help track down the problem.


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