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Sep 07, 2007





Happy Birthday Google. Thankyou for your 9 yrs of help & knowledge :) Your the best & you know it

Micheala Carey

Happy Birthday Google!
U R A Wicked Search Engine

Good Job Google, Ur My Hero!

Good Job Google, Ur My Hero!


happy b'day google i love you :P


Happy Birthday Google, you are the wind beneath my wings!

robert snyder

happy birthday GooGlE and many more to come.


Happy 9th birthday Google! As the saying goes, you've come a long way baby!


Happy birthday google i am so happy about your celebration because without you people internet would not be the same thank you for existing


Happy Birthday Google! I bought my first PC back in 2000 and I was so excited to search the web... Google was and has been my best friend ever since. :-)


google! happy 9th birthday! happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear google happy birthday to you! you rock! you have helped me so much! thanks for everything!

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