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Aug 15, 2007



I noticed some information being relesed about 3Turbo and I was wondering what this is about and how does it differ from Xseries - is this a sort of xseries plan for hsdpa handsets only or is it just meant for laptops? I also noticed some information about the LG U990 and wondered if you had any more information about the specifications and release date. It looks quite exciting for all things 3 right now.


It's sad that the UK equivalent of Bronze is unlimited data usage for £5 a month, while Australians get limited to 100Mb on the equivalent X-series plan, and only a pathetic dribble of higher downloads on the higher plans. Whoever is first to break Telstra's criminal volume charging will be heroes. Australia is being held back by limits like these, if rival countries have no limits.


What's going on with Three UK and X-series now?
I've just looked on the X-series webpages and they say that X-series Silver and Gold can only be used on the Nokia E65 and N73 phones! Having recently bought an N95, which has been running the Three X-series Silver applications ok. Are Three trying to kill X-series off already?

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