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Aug 07, 2007



Is there a problem with the "internet" link on Planet3? I keep gettting timeouts on only that part of the site. Need to install some apps from there.


Can someone post the direct download link of SlingPlayer for the W950i please.


I'm having the same problem with the "internet" link, also, I can't log on to my msn or skype from my W950

Any ideas 3?


Yahoo Messenger is now on Three - brilliant! Except I can't download it to my N80. Why not? Why the limited range of handsets?

Same thing happened with Windows Live Messenger on Three - "unavailable for your handset" - and that was months ago, so I don't hold out much hope for Yahoo Messenger any time soon.

Also, Yahoo Go is unavailable to me via Three, but I can download it direct from Yahoo.

WHY are Three limiting the software they offer? Of course, you can't support EVERY handset, but you're hardly supporting ANY handset. Brand new internet-ready Nokia N95? Forget using any of these services. Frustrating beyond belief.


Currently I am on X-series silver which has been working perfectly until today. Now when I try to log on to the internet I get a splash screen saying "Internet by Yahoo" and I am prompted to pay for any online services I require i.e. sign up for internet access or email @ £5 per month. There is no way of signing onto the internet without buying a new add-on. This is the advice customer service give ... i.e. sign up to a new service with assurances that I won't be charged for it. call me strange but I am a tad loathed to sign up to a new agreement (legally binding as offer and acceptance) that I may have to argue with a remote call centre about when my next bill arrives.

Can you please sort this out ASAP ... apparently I am not the only one this is happening to. I am not getting the service for which I have paid. There seems to be nowhere on you sites where service status and issues are reported and resolved.


Thanks to Darren at 3 User Experience for sorting out the problem I outlined above promptly. I am now happily surfing the internet again. Cheers.


With my new N95 on X-Series Silver here in the UK, I am wanting to do more and more over 3G. However, in common with a few others I am finding my data connection to be limited to only HTTP, SMTP and POP3 ports. Is it the intention that X-Series Silver has ports blocked or is there something amiss with the service currently? If I get X-Series Gold will all the ports be open? (Some other X-Series Silver users have no problem running Putty for SSH and Fring etc. and I really want the same!)

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