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Jul 15, 2007


David Phillips

This is the most banal PR stunt going. Why not write a proper blog?

An explain why I cant get you Xserries services on my Sony Erricson 800i.

Perhaps a not to explain why Yahoo! And how can Xserries help send my pics and vids to Facebook from ANY mobile.

You are also a bit equivocal about Skype... is it just for International calls. Can my friends call my skype number through to my mobile?

What you are really offering is really a bit of a swiz. Just more marketing bling without much real meat.

And a fake blog to go with it.

The value systems of marketers remain in the 20th century.


Hi David,

Thanks for your post. I'll follow up your questions re. Facebook and the SE 800i on Monday with our UK business. Can't work out what you mean about Yahoo!

For something unequivocal about Skype check out the Fair Use Policy on the 3 UK site (it explicitly states what you can and can't do with Skype on X-Series, though some have discussed other ways of using it on this blog).

Fake? Surely not? I really was listening to the Swans beat the Blues.


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