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Jul 06, 2007



Hmm...very intriguing.


Could you be more specific?

Just how many days away?


Hmmm. Let's say 2 or 3 ;-)

Sam J

Ah coolies - I've just got back from France and it'll be nice to have something new to play with!

As an aside - I really hadn't realised just how much I rely on X-Series, for things like checking news and email, finding out about places, or just simple surfing when I'm bored; until I couldn't use it. I couldn't even check the weather to see whether it was going to rain or not - which it did, *every single day* - except of course the day we left!

Roll on 3 France I say!


Matthew Boyd

Perhaps you'll finally bring X-Series to Ireland? Ireland is now the ONLY 3 country without X-Series. Everywhere else has it.

Sam J

Can someone please fix that handn't in my comment up there, it's *really* starting to bug me lol. Oh, and someone needs to go through the 3 Retail online application with a fine grammar comb :-P



Never let it be said we don't read every comment. It's "handn't" no more!

Tick tock ... it's coming!



p m doherty

perhaps given the current mobilcast connection? surely just a matter of time - i am seriously impressed by it.


I have to agree with Sam about X-Series in Ireland. I have been promised it since January, and recently have been given two firm dates only to be let down again.

Three will be losing loyal customers if they don't get their act together.


I was told when I got my upgrade in April that the x-series would be available at the end of april...then when i was about to buy the usb modem last month, I was told the end of june!

Sam J

Thanks for fixing my comment de!

Just to correct you there Michael, it was Matthew Boyd that posted about X-Series in Ireland, not me. Not that I'm against X-Series on 3 Ireland - indeed, I'd quite like to have access to X-Series anywhere, anytime.

Which reminds me, since you are reading this, de (:-D), someone should probably know that the Google sites were refusing to work last night - although it's fine now!


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