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Jul 09, 2007



What an anti-climax!

After all that... a website. As good as it may be... a website!


Hey, it was only 22 words ;-)

It is a nice site though!


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Yes a bit of a let down, but the site is nice and the mobile site looks good as well. But i don't see any software for UIQ3 its all Nokia stuff

01101001 01100001 01101110 about a section telling us when new firmware is available for our handsets? As the new firmware for the W950i rocks its loads better with rss and that cool launcher software


there i was hoping for news of the return of the w950i, the n95 or even the w960!

P M Doherty

01101001 01100001 01101110,
when & where did you get the W950i firmware update?


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I updated a few days ago on my PC using the Sony Ericsson update software and cable that came with the phone. If you dont have the software i think you can download it from Sony Ericssons site.

P M Doherty

ah, unfortunately as a mac user i don't have the option to update.

Thanks anyway.

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I am also a Mac user but thats what my work PC is for.

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you could also try your 3 store, the Maidenhead one has a service area they may do it for you..

Matthew Boyd

I'm a Mac user as well, but alas still no X-Series in Ireland. Like I have previously pointed out, it is now the only country with a 3 network without X-Series!

Matthew Boyd

By the way: if you need someone to test X-Series in Ireland, let me know! :-)

I will be waiting.

Sam J

On the software update front, I was wondering if there's anything going on to certify the recent Nokia N73 update for the 3UK N73 product code?

Before I went away, we were a few minor versions behind (3.0713.1.0.2 as opposed to 3.0638.0.0.1 which is the version my handset came with). However, Nokia have just released what looks like a major update, 4.0726.2.0.1 - including the enhanced music player from the N73 Music Edition as well as all the normal optimisations and bug fixes that go into such updates.

I would be grateful in any information the team could offer regarding 3's policy on this.


Sam J

Just realised I forgot the 3next praise! So a big congrats and thankyou for the service.

I really like the way that 3 are going with X-Series - not only are you offering more data for a lower price than other networks, and providing a range of innovative apps preinstalled - you're actually providing a database of additional applications above and beyond what's included in X-Series, positioning it as a service that one may not necessarily *need* (as more traditional mobile data/internet/email plans are) so much as a service that one will actually want.

I think this displays a completely different attitude to the mobile web/internet for normal customers. In the past, it was primarily a convenient way for networks to sell things like wallpapers and ringtones. I think 3 are changing this - even outside of the X-Series service.



I love my x-series - i really do. But please, please do something to liven up this blog. In the name of Jesus, Allah & everything else sacred please do something quick or I dont know if I can keep coming back. Days and sometimes even weeks go by without so much as a squeak.



I know, it's true. I've been swamped a little with other things of late and been bad.

I have, however, continued to answer all emails and help resolve issues behind the scenes so that's a plus.

But, point taken. I'm onto it. Ideas are bubbling up. Observations are coming to mind. Penetrating insight is stirring



any news whatsoever on any new handsets.... like the N95... i am dying to get xseries but im holding out for a decent handset!


Cool site, interesting to see that you chose to use a .mobi site it's good to see a big company actually using it as a mobile site.


Very cool site!! Glad to see that its available for all users. And the mobile site is awesome as well! KUDOS!!


nice looking site but as a W950 owner I am still feeling that we play second fiddle to Nokia. Even on the x series page on planet 3 some of the apps (google maps and yahoo go for example) are still saying that my phone is unsupported. Strange, seeing as I managed to get google maps from google for my phone no problem!

This blog seems to be all one can we pose questions of you and your team to get answers and info without the need to reply to posts? That would be a much more effective way of working with your customers

Oh, by the way...the site does not sit in the middle of my browser window. I have to scroll right to view it each time.



Hi Morgo. I'm answering your broader question re. the one way blog in a new post, but re. your others. There is no conscious decision to favour one handset over the other on this site or 3 neXt. Will try to be more diligent when writing about stuff so that it is broader. The .mobi site is designed to work on most phones and scores well on the mobi ready rating. We rely on adhering to coding standards as outlined by .mobi (and very good they are too). Maybe our header graphics are too wide. I'll check that.

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