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Jun 18, 2007



Any ideas on where the folks with fring problems on their E65's over at moblog can get them solved?



I've been chatting to someone from moblog today about this very thing.

Fring is one of the apps you can run on your X-Series device that we don't support, so I'm afraid officially there's not much we can do to help out.

I can confirm that we don't block any applications (and specifically we don't block that one, as I ran this by the UK business today).

Some people have got it to work over at so I suggest you keep asking that community for help and hopefully someone will crack it (in fact , given how lively they are and how helpful ppl there seem to be that's one of the reasons I sneakily put a post about them in this morning). Otherwise there are a few other forums you can try, or even Fring themselves.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. And, without wanting to sound like a saleman (imagine!) the versions of Skype and Messenger are optimsed to run on your X-Series handset and our network, so the voice quality is consistently better quality.


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