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May 04, 2007



Not to look a gift horse and all that, but any chance we could get existing things running before you start with new stuff? MSN on my N80 would be a good start.. I can download the Windows Live software for N80 from Nokia, but not actually use it on X-Series (it doesn't connect).


You know, I still never got an email from you guys after the FIRST round.

Cest la vie.


Opps. Remember you asked for that and I prob forgot to send. Have sent now, Daniel. Sorry about that :-)


About time! was getting worried you had forgotten about us!


hi i asked to be included in the beta testers but have not received reply. Can i still be included as a tester please?


if its not too late i would also like to be concided for beta testing as i have just got every thing working on my xseries and have been with you for five or six years and would like to be involved in this exciting project.

many thanks


Patrick Gallagher

Dear Sir,

I am setting up a company that provides wireless data acquisition and control solutions to the medical industry. I am based in the Innovation in Business centre in University College Galway Ireland.

Is is possible for me to become a beta tester. My main programming skills are C/C++ and Java.

Thank you,
Patrick Gallagher
Atlantic Telecommunications

Tel +353 87 3221770

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